Hello World!


第一篇帖子,庆祝在Github Page上搭建成功!使用了Go语言写的Hugo作为静态页面生成工具。有时间写个前端什么的,不然直接写MarkDown太痛苦了


A Section

Here's a simple titled section where you can place whatever information you want.

You can use inline HTML if you want, but really there's not much that markdown can't do.

Showing Off With Markdown

A full cheat sheet can be found here or through google.

There are some easy examples for styling, though. I can't emphasize that enough. Creating links or inline code blocks are very straightforward.

There are some *easy* examples for styling, though. I can't **emphasize** that enough.
Creating [links]( or `inline code` blocks are very straightforward.

Front Matter For Fun

This is the meta data for this post. It is located at the top of the content/post/ markdown file.

title: "Hello Hugo!"
description: "Saying 'Hello' from Hugo"
date: "2014-04-09"
  - "example"
  - "hello"
  - "example"
  - "hugo"
  - "blog"

This section, called 'Front Matter', is what tells Hugo about the content in this file. The title of the item,the description, the date it was posted. In our example we're adding two custom bits of data, too. The categories and tags sections are used in this example for indexing/grouping content. You will learn more about what that means by examining the code in this example and through reading the Hugo documentation